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Get famous by directing your OWN movie right here in HabboWood.

Just visit the Habbowood Studios and create your very own virtual blockbuster!

The prize for the Winning Director is fabulous:
-An amazing iPod
-One whole new Habbo Hotel floor will be named after the Winner for a full month
-A sack full of gold… i.e. 250 Credits!
-A full interview by the Hotel Manager in the Newsletter… with pictures!
-The link to the winning blockbuster will be sent to the whole community via the Habbo Console.

Read on for more info!
You have till 15 June to create your movie and participate in the Habbowood Competition.



Scam Alert! Most of us do love the pillows but we do have to be careful, scammers have been going around trade rooms trying to trick habbos into giving them rares for their fake pillows.

These fake pillows are only a mere red doormat, which surprisingly looks quite similar to a pillow in the trade box!

Here are some tips to avoid this problem! - Mouseover the pillow in the trade window, it will tell you what it realy is!
- Look before you agree
- Make sure its a pillow
- Be aware!

Hope this helps you in your trading!


Habbo Hotel UK is down for General Maintenance, It is advisable not to log off or reload if you have not been disconnected as you will not get back on!
Updates to Follow !

EDIT: Habbo Is Back Up and Running!



Habbos steamrollered the fansite award ceremony tonight, winning many of the available categories.

Awards won were Best bobble hat (James), Worst dressed administrator (Kotu) and of course Best all round guy (pez)!

A screenshot of the event room can be seen here, covered in rare white pillows.

The event was great with Life and pez (the two Habbos representitives) shouting GO HABBOS! at every opportunity!



Habbo X

Could this be what everyone has been waiting for? Habbo X appears to be a scheme similar to that of "Bronze Hobbas" or "Mini Mois", that Habbos have been anticipating.

These Habbos are expert players, with no extra tools or power, just a badge as shown in the picture. They are expected to hang in the public rooms, such as the Welcome Lounge and help out new players.



EXCLUSIVE: Official Habbo Shop Launches!

Habbo Hotel SE has realised the first of its kind A SHOP. All though Sulake has bought the domains of other shops.

From what i gathered, not being a Swedish habbo, you can purchase the following:

-Images that has nothing to do with habbo hotel
-Games that has habbo hotel people in them
-Ringtones, there a lot so not all are heard on habbo hotel


I Want To Be A STAR

How was half term? Nice and relaxing? We hope those of you in the middle of exams were working hard and not playing Habbo all day!!!

So, what's been happening on Habbo this week?

Now Fansite Month's come to an end I can't spend my days relaxing on a nice red pillow in the sun, there is work to be done. With so many competitions to judge and prizes to award there hasn't been much time for fun and games this week, but... All that is about to change, next week things are going to get VERY exciting!

Habbowood will hit your screens next week, sparking off a whole month of cinema, glamour and special effects with so many prizes you will faint from shock! Check out the Habbo Hotel Home Page on Tuesday for more information.


Scam Alert!

I have been informed that there is a clever scam going round.

This scam site will appear to not work (page cannot be displayed) It then disconnects your habbo client and when you click 'reload' it reloads habbo in flash (scam site).

Yet when you type in your User Name and Password it disconnects! Recording all your account information!

The email then gets sent to someone who then logs in as your habbo and steals your account.

Please be aware and careful and do not fall for this scam!




Invite your friends and earn Habbo Credits!

Wow!!! I hear you say, well...
On the SG habbo hotel they are giving you the chance to earn 3 habbo credits, when you invite a friend to the hotel! Surely you could get rich from this. Nope!! there is a 10 friend those who weren't part of the SG habbo hotel, will sign up now!!! Go to the Sg Hotel for more information! Will it come to the UK hotel?
We will have to see...



Sulake have recently released a Press Release confirming the rumours that Habbo will expand onto our TV's in the form of animations. Fifteen of these three minute clips (dubbed "habbosodes") will be produced and compiled into a DVD which will be available to purchase online or in shops.

They sound as if they will be like a Habbo soap, we expect there will be dialogue and not text on screen when watching. Although the DVD is said to be 'distributed internationally', this does not confirm that the UK will be part of the trial.

Would you purchase the DVD just to see what it is or do you think it could replace EastEnders straight away?
Leave your comments!



Fan Site Drop In

The Fan-site drop in, has had some new arrivals today, It housed the Habbo cola machine and The Black Smoke Machine for several minutes but soon the room returned to its normal state! A glitch still occured when the new furniture was picked up, as the Snow globe spouted smoke!

UPDATE: This is a glitch when you reload the room, the furniture appears as the new version 7 furniture but if you stay in the room long enough it returns to a mocha and a smoking snowglobe.



HabboWood Opening Party!

Tonight, there will be a Cocktail Party at 20:00 BST in Club Massiva!

But remember, Formal Dress IS required!

Callie has changed the appearance of the two bots in Club Massiva this afternoon, James and Marion all in preparation for the HabboWood cocktail party this evening.

Cocktails are now avalible at Club Massiva!



Always Salon

The First Always Salon Staff Mini Task takes place on Today, Monday at 16:00. Anyone can pop along to watch these tasks from the viewing galleries or if they're lucky take part in them!!!



New Habbo Rollers!

I have spooted new Habbo Rollers in the Hotel as i have been going around and finding you news!
New colours have been around such as:

-Gold Rollers
-Black and White Rollers
-Aqua-marine Rollers
-Pink Rollers


UK: Goodbye Red Pillow

Yes it's that time again, the Red Pillow is leaving the Catalogue within the Hour, Stock up now while there avaliable

[Edit:] 19:59 GMT : Pillows have now left the catalogue.



Special Rares

As i have been going around other hotels i have spotted two new Habbo Rares...
They are:

-Gold Habbo Roller
-New Ice-Cream Maker


Royal Scandal

The Royal Family are the pride of the United Kingdom, not many countries have a King or Queen nowadays and this weekend Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 79th birthday.

Queen Elizabeth II has led the United Kingdom since June 1953 with great success and to celebrate the Queen's birthday we are giving you the chance to win some fantastic prizes. One lucky Habbo will win 30 Thrones, 5 runners up will each receive 5 Thrones.

To win one of these fantastic royal prizes take part in the competition below.



The Competition

The Habbo Royal Family have had an intruder in their Palace. One night one of the servants of the Palace spotted a dark figure rummaging around the Servants' Quarters, whispering plans to overthrow the Queen to another person on the phone. Unfortunately, due to the fact that it was night time, he couldn't make out who it was so the following morning he reported it to Palace Security.

After being alerted about the intruder, security went straight to work to try and find out WHO was in the Servants' Quarters that night. However, they need your help! While searching for clues, Palace Security found a note that was left within the Servants' Quarters but they did not understand what it meant. Can you help them?
To help the security team in their task of finding out who was in the Palace that night, go to the "Habbo Royal Palace" section of the Hotel Navigator and make your way to the "Royal Palace Hallway", then to the "Royal Palace Servants' Quarters" by using the corresponding Teleporter.

Once you think you know who the intruder was, let us know on Habbo Hotel.

Good Luck!


CA: 2 for 1 Credit's

Yes, The Canadian Habbo Hotel are offering 2 for 1 Credit's for a limited time, Where you normally buy 15 Habbo Credits for $3.00 you will get 30 Habbo Credits, Saving $3.00 This Offer Does Not Apply to Other Hotels.



Habbo VIP's

I was just looking around in the Hallway and I saw this, a Habbo VIP badge. I've never seen it before and neither had some of my friends when I showed them, but apparantly it's to do with the upcoming Habbowood shows.

I will update when I find out more information, but here is a screenshot of Jonny.Squabble, sporting this mysterious badge.


UK: Gold Ice-Cream Maker

That's Right, For the first time on the UK Habbo Hotel, The Gold Ice-Cream Maker, part of the New Version 7 Furniture as made an Appearance in the Always Salon Entrance.

Scripted Furni

In the Hotel today i was offered a Blue Faux-Fur Bear Rug. Note that is was scripted furni.
I took a screen-hot and canceled the trade.

[Edit:] 18:35 GMT : The trade box was cancelled.


Smile For The Camera!

Habbo Hotel has gone all glamorous; if Habbos aren't popping into the Always Salon to get their hair done then they are directing their very own Habbowood films. Add a touch of Royalty and you have it all! With so much happening it's hard to keep up.

So far it has been an exciting week in the Always Salon, on Monday 12 girls entered and they have been cutting, blow drying and putting up with our Mini-Tasks since then. Tomorrow sees the first eviction but who will go?



You're her only hope!

A new rare has been released on HabboHotel Canada, and only you can save her from the clutches of the Hotel Storage monster! Get buying those credits, run down to Habbo Canada and stock up on Holo-girls! These are on sale at 25 credits until Monday night.

If you have forgotten, these were added to the catalogue at the request of all Habbos that entered the Anchient Treasure Quest, run and organised by Phoenix.


Happy Sunday!

We can safely say today, was HOT. So, from all the staff at ultimatehabbo we wish you a happy Sunday. In the east of England, temperatures reached about 30 degrees, and up north it was around 20 degrees! :) Enjoy the sun while it's out, afterall, knowing the UK this could be all the sun we get this summer.



Habbos Happenings!

It's Rare:David here writing to let you all know that the latest editions of Habbos Happenings has been released! If you would like to read it, check It includes all the latest site updates, a lot of free Habbo goodies and the ever-comical hotseat as well as contributions from guest users!

Best wishes from me and all of the Habbos staff team - we hope you have a cracking great summer! And remember, stay at ultimatehabbo.

H - Habbo Related
A - Astro Phisical Related (Just Kidding)
B - Bobblish
B - Bouncing with up-to-date news
O - Out of this world
S - Super Duper Cool Tastic!!!


Throne Glitch Now Fixed

At last Habbo have now fixed the Small Glitch with the Throne, When Habbo Hotel Upgraded to Version 7 earlier this year we had noticed that the Popular Rare Throne had a Glitch Under the Arm of the Throne, where it once appeared Transparent it appeared White after the Version 7 Upgrade, Well at last Habbo have now corrected the Version 7 Glitch so you will now Notice under the arm of the Throne it is once again Transparent.

EDIT]: Patches in floor Glitch have also been Corrected.



Win 1 month of HC by voting!

Win 1 month of HC by voting!You lucky Habbos were offered the chance to win your self a month of free Habbo club by voting in the Always Salon competition. You had the choice to evict the following Habbos from the Always Salon competition:

Brightfairy, Littleredevil, Pepsichick99, Barbiegirl05, Josie-, -cheeky-loz-, Allykim, or Brightpink.

Who goes? You decide!


My New Habbo!

If you have been wondering which Hotel I'm from so you can contact me it's simple!
Read the following steps on how to contact me:

-Log on to the UK Hotel
-On the navigator search Rare:David
-Send me a Friend Request



Always Salon Ad!

The Always Salon is booming. We've had two evictions so far, resulting in the loss of shann:on and Llelie. In Habbo Cinema, they're advertising the Always Salon Eviction voting with a little advertisement which links to the always salon page.


US: Habbo Summer Bundle

Habbo Hotel US have released a special 'Summer Bundle' deal for Habbos who purchase credits using credit cards. A free Summer Bundle will be given to every Habbo who purchases Habbo Coins using their credit cards at Habbo Hotel US from now until Wednesday June 29th. The contents of the bundle will vary depending on how much credits you buy:

-Purchase 50 Coins ($10) and receive 3 Golden Rollers & a Camera
-Purchase 100 Coins ($20) and receive 5 Golden Rollers, a Camera & a Mode Mini-Bar

The Golden Rollers and Mode Mini-Bar are only available at Habbo Hotel US through this special offer.



The McDonald's Deli Quest!

Habbo Hotel CA have released a new competition - 'The McDonald's Deli Quest!'. Ten lucky winners randomly selected from those who have correctly completed the quest will each receive:

-200 Habbo Credits
-3 Months HC
-1 New Rare


SG: Hot off the Press!

Hey there my Pixel Buddies, :D

We at would like to let you all know that Habbo Hotel SG have released their new newsletter!

Also the 10 Finalists for the HabboWood Competition should be annouced later on today!

And more updates for their Calander have taken place.



New UK Banners

New UK BannersHabbo Hotel UK have released two new banner at the top and the side of the homepage.

The first one is of a strange habbo staring into a glowing teleporter.

Don't believe me?

Take a look above!


Win an Ipod or your ideal room!

Over at Habbo Hotel UK you can win your ideal room or a brand new Ipod just by signing up to the hotel. 50 runners up will win 2 months of Habbo Club.

This is only availible to new accounts.



CH: Orange Parasol!

Hey there my pixel buddies!

Habbo Hotel CH are releasing a new rare! What a hear you say, well i will tell you!
You will only be able to buy it from 6-8 PM tonight Then you will have to wave goodbye.

Hurry and buy before it is too late!


Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Today at Habbo Hotel UK, a Habbo Dreams event will be hosted as one of several events scheduled for this week as Habbo advertise the mobile phone game.

Today's Event

-Habbo Dreams Tournament
-18:00 BST
-Search HabboDreams



SG : New newsletter - a day early!

It is definately worth a peep, if you would like to read:

-The latest from DoeLee about email / credit scams!
-Details of a new room design competition!
-A delightful story written by a Habbo adventurer
-How to use the Call for Help by Appledoe


US: Independence Quest - Part 4

Habbo Hotel US are Celebrating Independence Day with a Quest, Join Andrew on a Walkabout the 50 United States over the next 4 days. Every Day 20 Randomly Chosen Habbos will win 25 Habbo Credits and 1 Month Habbo Club "w00t w00t", the ultimate winner who finishes the Quest First on Monday 4th July will win Blue Holopod, Mystery Red, White & Blue Sale, 4 Months of Habbo Club and 100 Habbo Coins.

Part 4 has just begun



UK: Always Salon

Hey there my Pixel Buddies,

Your Votes have been counted and verified, and the Winner of the Always Salon Is... Littleredevil

Congratulations for Winning the Always Salon!



Donnie Santini, coming to a Hotel near you!

Hey there my pixel buddies,

From what we can see from the post below on Donnie Santini's quest in Habbo Hotel SG, he will be coming to every hotel! Well, at least to those hotels that were displaying the new banners that were mentioned a while ago! So keep your eyes peeled, and make sure you design the best looking rooms out there :D



SG: The Age of Exploration...

Donnie Santini is back, a new man and hardened adventurer. He has donated the Picnic Garden and provided 2 weeks' supply of Hologirls to Habbo Hotel SG. More importantly, he is organising a series of trials to mould Habbos into true Habbo Explorers like him. Here is his challenge:

"I’ve seen places, Habbos. Many. Really many. The worst and the BEST. This time I’ll go for the best."


New Furni?!

As i was wondering in the hotel minding my own buissness i spotted something amazing! This was not furni.. Is it scripted or just new..

Take a look above!



New Furni - Habbo Cola

As i was wondering in the hotel minding my own buissness for the second time.. I spotted something amazing.. Again.. Habbo Cola.

Take a look above!

Last Updated : 7Th Of July 2005